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School Health Webinars

in the Shadow of COVID-19

School Health Webinars

in the Shadow of COVID-19

Thank you for following the links to get here. This page is where you can select which of the webinar subjects and dates  you prefer, so you can register for the right session(s).

These webinars are designed to support you through new ways of working in the shadow of COVID-19.

Whether in lockdown or tentatively returning to school nursing duties, we know you'll be interested these topics. They're all around a core theme of achieving more for your children, without the luxury of a bigger budget.

Learn how how technology can be harnessed to meet your needs and deliver the service you want to. Free up time for all staff, in order to release time for care. All within budget.

So, we've extended our series of popular, 30-minute lunchtime webinars and offered you more choice. 5 different topics and 15 dates to choose from. Join us on as many sessions as you want.

Select your preferred options below, and you'll then be taken to a registration page for each one (buttons open new windows).

Schools' Imms Teams: Increase Capacity from Current Resources

Even if there’s no vaccine for COVID-19 just yet, expect more flu immunisations and improved uptake of everything else from now on. Learn how to speed up processes, eliminate paper-based admin and improve relationships with schools and parents.

Understand Quickly the Diverse Health Needs of School Children

Online eQuestionnaires, designed for different age-groups and a way to instantly identify those in need of urgent intervention. Children can complete them at home as well as at school. Anonymised reports and comparisons across the whole district.

NCMP Reporting, Vision and Hearing Screening in 2020 and Beyond

With all the other pressures on learning through lockdowns and school closures, it’s still vital to screen vision and hearing for children. Also, height and weight through the NCMP. There’s a lot of catching up to do. Learn how to do it faster and with less admin.

Safe, Rapid Parent Communications for School Nursing

Forget printing and handling paper forms, consents and leaflets. That’s time-consuming, expensive and inappropriate nowadays. See how much you can do online.

School Health Data Management Made Easy for Everyone

Learn how data really can be your friend. Effortless data collection. Manage team workloads. Deliver more. Online parent comms. Automated reports.

Don't worry if you can't make any of these times, just contact us and we'll either set you up with a time to suit your schedule, or send you a recording.


See the full list of webinars.

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