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Child Vision Screening

Includes Automated Production of Customised Letters and Reports  ......  Automated Pathway Management and Audit/KPI Reporting  ......  Engaging for Children: Multilingual Voice-Overs  ......  GDPR/NHS IG Toolkit Compliant

Public Health England recommends school vision screening as an 'important way to identify problems as early as possible, helping to prevent young children from completely or partially losing their sight.'

In a Nutshell

A cost-effective and proven tool, SchoolScreener® helps you to implement orthoptist-led, locality-wide vision screening. Implementation is rapid; in just a few weeks your screeners are ready to go. Training takes only a couple of hours.

Widely used by the NHS, it's used by screeners and school nurses of all grades, from Band 2 upwards. All SchoolScreener® products include support and IT from Thomson Screening.

For locality-wide vision screening programmes, use:

SchoolScreener® Vision software + Vision Screening Kits.

Manage the Full Screening Process from Start to Finish.

  • We assist you to upload class lists for each school in your area to our secure server in the cloud
  • The School Nurse/Screener/Band 2/3 logs in and downloads our SchoolScreener® app on their laptop.  Details of all the schools and children they are assigned to visit are automatically uploaded securely to the laptop.
  • The Screener then takes the laptop to the school to perform the screening.  THIS DOES NOT REQUIRE INTERNET ACCESS.
  • The Screener sets up the laptop on a desk and each child views the screen from 3 metres. Animations are used to engage the child and explain the test.  Audible instructions are available in 45 languages.
  • A test is performed according to Public Health England Service Specifications and results are automatically scored and recorded. This minimisies scoring and transcription errors. THE TEST FORMAT FULLY COMPLIES WITH THE LATEST PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND SERVICE SPECIFICATIONS including testing, administration, pathway management, reporting and audit.
  • The time for children passing their test can be as little as 60 seconds and around 2 minutes for children that fail.
  • When screening is complete, the Screener simply connects to the internet and selects "Sync"
  • Results are automatically uploaded to the cloud and customised letters for each child are available within seconds, saving a huge amount of time for Screeners/ Administrators.
  • To save more time and cost, use the SchoolScreener Parent Portal for electronic parent communications. This eliminates the need for printing and distributing letters.
  • Children who record a LogMAR score of greater than 0.2 (default pass/fail criteria, or criteria set as required according to Provider requirements) are referred for a secondary examination, depending on local policy
  • Clinicians performing the secondary examination may login and record the outcome of their test thus providing real-time audit information regarding the progress and effectiveness of the screening programme
  • Vision test results may then be uploaded to Child Health Record systems
  • Automated management and KPI reporting dashboard, according to locality requirements

Finally, see SchoolScreener® Vision for yourself; request a demonstration at your offices.

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