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Child Health Data Management

Health service provider leadership teams are justifiably concerned with child health data management.  SchoolScreener® makes it easier for commissioners and providers to know that the right actions are being taken, right place, right time.

The software pulls data from multiple child health programmes across your whole district, real-time. It presents data in a way that's understandable and actionable, too. SchoolScreener® automates management reports and reports to commissioners. It includes immunisation programme data, health needs assessments, NCMP measurements, vision and hearing screening.

See how SchoolScreener® can add value while reducing costs for local screening programmes. Discover how to improve parental communications with automated consent and results messaging through our Parent Portal. Also, understand how to speed up clinical referrals, when required.

SchoolScreener® is inexpensive and easy to use. This makes regular, district-wide screening possible for all districts.

We store data securely in the Cloud. That said, internet access is not always available in classroom situations, so SchoolScreener® tests vision and hearing without the need for internet connectivity. The same applies when adding immunisation or NCMP data. Screeners can upload data in bulk, once they regain connectivity.

Data security and governance are important to us all; SchoolScreener® is GDPR compliant. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

SchoolScreener® has managed over 1 million vision, hearing, immunisation, health needs and NCMP screenings via the NHS. This includes rapid, automated data management, parent communications, audit and administration.

All SchoolScreener® products include training, support and IT from Thomson Screening.

To see the workflows in action for yourself, ask for a demonstration.

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