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Why Should I Not Just Use a Spreadsheet?

SchoolScreener® COVID Manager is an end-to-end, GDPR-compliant and secure solution that automates processes like consent management, parent communications and the recording of test results.

Spreadsheets such as XL are recording and data software that require much more manual input and therefore time. Whenever there is manual inputting of data, there is scope for error, too. Also, spreadsheets are much less secure with personal data.

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Is this going to meet ALL of my requirements for managing the process?

Yes! Between SchoolScreener® COVID Manager and the NHS website, this is all you need from first registration of individuals and tests through to reporting test outcomes.

Can I see a software demonstration?

Yes! We’re running a series of live webinars, so you can see a quick demo of SchoolScreener COVID Manager. Each webinar lasts 30 minutes and you’ll get the chance to ask questions, too. There’s a choice of dates and times available in the next few days.

What about older children that do not require parental consent?

SchoolScreener® COVID Manager handles consent whether given by a parent or the student directly.

It also allows those that are unwilling or  unable to provide electronic consent to continue to use paper forms, by exception. It does require some input from school administrators in this instance, but this is minimised.

Will parents accept electronic consent?

The short answer is YES.

While there’s a lot of evidence from around the world on the web, we also have a great example of how our version of eConsent has helped one NHS Trust, in particular. Read the Lewisham & Greenwich case study.

Are the templates provided by the DfE included?

Yes. The content included in the templates provided by the Department for Education and the Department of Health and Social Care is included within SchoolScreener® COVID Manager.

Some of the content will feature as web pages, introducing the opportunity for parents to register for eConsent. Others will be send as messages direct to parents through the Parent Portal.

Are you part of a group or multi-academy trust?

Then be sure to contact us, without delay. We can show you how, with a slightly different setup, you can consolidate activity across your group, for group-wide reporting and consolidation of administration. We’ve special prices, too.

How quickly can we have it in our school/college?

SchoolScreener® COVID Manager is available now. Schools that have bought it were using it within a hours.

The earlier you get in touch with us, the sooner you’ll have it.

Is COVID Manager IG compliant?

Yes, it’s used extensively by NHS Trusts that always demand this. We’re accepted by the Government’s Digital Marketplace, via G-Cloud 12, as well.

Can I audit the data within the software?

Yes, it’s fully auditable. No data is lost.

What else do Thomson Screening do?

Apart from the range of SchoolScreener applications, as shown throughout this site, Thomson Screening also have a range of workplace-based health applications, under the WorkScreener banner. This includes COVID-19 Isolation Checker and COVID-19 Tracker.

We’re a UK based software development company, from London. Our software has been used over 2 million times around the world, from the USA to developing countries.

What is the price of SchoolScreener COVID Manager?

COVID Manager is a fully finished, online software solution that’s available for schools to use now. The first schools to use it went live in January.

It will save you up to 50% of the time currently spent on admin for the COVID testing programme.

Specifically designed for purpose with the aid of a Government grant, it’s way, way better than using spreadsheets and paper methods.

Costs are low:

  • For primary schools: £200 + VAT.
  • For secondary schools: £300 +VAT
  • For further education and sixth form colleges: £500 + VAT

To answer any questions, or to understand discounts for groups of schools, please contact us at web-enquiry@schoolscreener.com

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