NHS England have published a requirement for all immunisation providers to submit new data to NIVS (National Immunisation & Vaccination System). The data required is that of each person immunised, within 24 hrs of receiving the vaccine. Immunisation providers include GPs, pharmacies, occupational health providers and school nursing services.

NHS Digital support the programme by providing flu vaccination data to NHS South, Central and West CSU. They provide the national ‘call and recall’ service on behalf of NHS England. 

For providers of Healthy Child services in-school, who typically vaccinate thousands of children per campaign, this presents a significant administrative burden.

The Problem with Data Submissions

Providers have been told to submit their daily data submissions via Excel spreadsheets, either completed online or offline then uploaded through a web portal. With over 20 fields of data to be submitted per patient, many of which are mandatory, the potential for error is huge.

It’s our understanding that many providers have resorted to hiring temporary staff to input this data, which compounds the risks of transposing error, in our view.

Plus, of course, there are data security issues associated  with XL files being shared across the internet.

We know that this may well be a short-term fix during this year’s flu campaign as we wait for a COVID-19 vaccine. What we don’t know, of course, is how long we have to wait, and what the next data requirements may be.

A Simple Solution for Submitting Data

There is some good news though. By using SchoolScreener® Imms with eConsent and the Parent Portal, providers will be already capturing the data they need for submission to NIVS/NHS Digital.

So, their nurses and administrators need do no extra work to obtain this data, much of which has been imported in bulk and checked/amended by parents.

All they need to do is export the day’s data in the pre-formatted XL file and upload it to the nominated web portal.

No transposing of data. No temps. No sweat.

Unsurprisingly, we’d prefer to export directly to NIVS, which improves data security. We can do this but apparently NHS Digital require everyone to upload/input XL files.

This means that Healthy Child Service Providers do not need to worry about the additional cost and time spent on uploading data to NIVS, if they use SchoolScreener® Imms.

Two Key Steps to Take Now

  1. Book an online demo of SchoolScreener® Imms, if you haven’t seen it already.
  2. Order SchoolScreener® Imms before the end of November. Do that, follow the implementation schedule and we’ll guarantee you’ll be able to have it working and your staff trained by January 2021.
SchoolScreener Imms for in school vaccination services

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